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(New Zealand)



New Zealander currently living in the USA who retains a private practice specializing in pediatric AIDS in addition to child sexual abuse with a concentration in forensics, diagnostic assessment and treatment with a target population of priest/clergy offenders.


Dr. Winter-Green holds a terminal degree in Pastoral Psychology and Master’s Degrees in Theology/Bio-Medical Ethics, Human Development and Social Work. Following work with NGOs in Australia and India, she spent many years working in the Caribbean with both homeless populations and persons living with HIV/AIDS.


She developed a multi-service HIV/AIDS program in Massachusetts, was a member of the Department of Public Health Leadership Council, a member of the Archdiocese of Boston Review Board and a consultant to many Dioceses and religious and secular institutions in matters pertaining to child sexual abuse.


In addition to memberships on international Boards and Commissions, Dr. Winter-Green was the recipient of the USA Presidential Scholar/Distinguished Teacher award and the KU Social Worker of the Year award.


Her published works include:

  • HIV/AIDS Confrontation with Being-with Insights from Paul Tillich and Carl G. Jung, Wyndham Hall Press 1995;
  • Vespers for the Vigil of World AIDS Day, CD-SDA098257 1998;
  • Several liturgical works.