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Prof. Hanna SUCHOCKA




Professor of constitutional law and specialist in human rights at the University of Poznan, and was Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland and Ambassador of Poland to the Holy See. 


Hanna Suchocka was born in Poland. Her Excellency is Professor, University of Poznan, Faculty of Law, a specialist in Constitutional Law, and author of numerous papers and scientific articles on themes regarding human rights.


She is the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland (1992-1993), Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Republic of Poland (1997-2000), and Ambassador of Poland to the Holy See (2001-2013).


She has received honorary degrees from Institut for Family at the Lateran University, Kardinal Wyszynski University in Warsaw, and John Paul University in Krakow.


Among many awards, Hanna has received the Max Schmidheimy Stiftung Peace Prize and the Gold Medal of the "Jean Monnet" Foundation (Lausanne) for her activity in favor of integration and human rights.