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Mrs. Marie COLLINS




Survivor of child sexual abuse. A founder Trustee of the Marie Collins Foundation she served on the committee which drafted the Catholic Church’s all-Ireland child protection policy, “Our Children Our Church”.

Marie Collins was born in Dublin, Ireland and is married with one son. She is a founder Trustee of the Marie Collins Foundation, a UK NGO dedicated to the needs of children, young people and their families for whom sexual abuse and harm has arisen via the internet and mobile technologies.

Marie was a victim of sexual abuse as a child in the 1960's and brought the priest who abused her to justice in 1997. She has campaigned actively for the protection of children, justice for survivors of clerical sexual abuse, and for a better understanding of the effects of sexual abuse on children.

In 2010 Marie was one of the joint recipients of the Irish Humbert Summer School award for Courage. Marie was a founding member of the Irish depression support group "Aware" in 1985 and ran their voluntary "Helpline" for many years, and she was a founding Board member of the Advocacy and Counselling support group for abuse survivors, One in Four (Ireland).

She assisted the Archdiocese of Dublin in setting up their Child Protection Service and drafting of the Catholic Church's all-Ireland child protection policy, "Our Children Our Church."


Marie Collins resigned as an active member of the Commission on March 1, 2017 (link to press release), but continues to assist the Commission in its educational outreach.