Dr. Catherine BONNET
Consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry, and a psychotherapist in psychoanalysis in France (1974-2002) and in the UK (2004-2007).

She was a researcher on perinatal violence and neglect and conducted missions in conflict zones (Croatia for Bosnian women 1993-95); and reported to the UN on the sufferings of women/teenagers pregnant as a result of rape during the genocide in Rwanda 1995.

She is the author of several books, three about sexual abuse:

Geste d'amour, l'accouchement sous X 1990  (the consequences of child sexual abuse on pregnancy and at birth, abandonment in a public place, neonaticide, and the adoption of newborn as prevention);
L'Enfant Cassé, l’inceste et la pédophilie 1999  (historical, clinical aspects of sexual abuse and psychotherapy on children under 9 years old);
- and L'Enfance Muselée, un médecin témoigne 2007 (obstacles to reporting sexual abuse in France in comparison with other countries: US, Belgium, UK).

For her work, Catherine Bonnet received in 2001 a French knighthood - Chevalier dans l’Ordre de la Légion d’honneur. In 2003-2005, she received the support of two UN Special Rapporteurs, Juan-Miguel Petit and Hina Jilani; and in 2006 the support of the Review Committee of the World Psychiatric Association. Since 1999 she has been campaigning in France for training physicians to detect and report any suspicion of child sexual abuse in children, and for implementing mandatory reporting legislation for physicians in France.